Laboratorios Plásticos S.A.

Our company


Since 1982 Laboratorios Plásticos S.A., a company dedicated to the manufacture of packaging and plastic articles has had the main objective of "innovation" to serve better. Our name is because we have done the art of manufacturing of plastics, a scientific way of working that has led us to a sophisticated system of production compatible with industries of high microenvironmental requirements (Pharmaceutical, Veterinary , Food), thinking in producing containers that are not only simple containers of a product, but protectors of physical contamination, chemical and microbial.

Our people

The concept of total quality, leads to the need for people in line with the quality standards demanded by our customers , both in the organizational, administrative, productive , such as customer service . We have done our motto : "Quality is produced and controlled", and seek excellence as a way of life.

Our products

We have a range of tooling that enables us to manufacture a wide range of packaging and plastic items. These containers possess characteristics that can withstand various chemical compounds and sterilization conditions at high temperatures. The requirements specified by our customers , make them high quality products adapted to automatic systems envasamientos under sterile conditions.


From our earliest years we started with exports. At present we export directly and indirectly to form: Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Taiwan and Spain

WIB-40, our automatic molding machine injection blow molding, in the ​​controlled contamination area.